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Overpopulation not the cause of overusing our earth

The gap between rich and poor and the wars in this world are the main threat to human beings’ survival.

Dead do not speak

Die Toten sprechen und denken nicht Remembering the deceased It is not bad to regularly think of those who have died. Those who were close to us, but who have left us for good, need not disappear from our thoughts. We can think of them regularly. Autumn is the season par excellence to think aboutContinue reading “Dead do not speak”

Human beings and creation

Homo sapiens sapiens – Deliberate deformity of the skull, \”Toulouse deformity \”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Human species think they are superior to other species and behave uncontrolled hautain. Over the years they made not only a mess of their own society and history, they also intruded the life of the other species and made itContinue reading “Human beings and creation”

What is life?

What is life? Our answer to this question will, to some extent, depend on what is on our mind when we are asked. Life has physical, emotional, relational and spiritual aspects and each of these will have an influence on our answer. Think about it for a moment. What does it mean to you, rightContinue reading “What is life?”