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Concerning prayer and thought for the day

In our life we encounter enough worries and lots of difficulties of which we wonder how we can cope with them. In life, we are often so busy with ourselves that we do not make much time to think about our own Maker. Lots of people who believe in God think about Him as aContinue reading “Concerning prayer and thought for the day”

The focus of multiculturalism in Europe on Muslims and Jews

Although current debates on multiculturalism in Europe often focus on Islam and Muslims, there also are long-standing Jewish communities in many Western European countries. The Pew Research Center survey finds Christians at all levels of religious observance are more likely than religiously unaffiliated adults to say they would not be willing to accept Jews inContinue reading “The focus of multiculturalism in Europe on Muslims and Jews”


Latin A (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Today I’ll start going over some words of importance to come to an understanding of the Word of God. The first word is \”ability\” without one is nothing. Without ability there is no being, because to be a being there has to be the ability to be or to beContinue reading “Ability”

Mega church country loosing religous people

English: This map shows the percentage of the U.S. adult population that affiliates themselves as Mormon in a survey by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life in 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) It is the general trend that more and more people are very secular. Certainly in the economically thriving capitalist countries we seeContinue reading “Mega church country loosing religous people”

Donating organs as something good to come out of tragedy

Christadelphians do have a very strong hold in their faith. We do know bad things can happen to everybody. It is not because you believe in God that nothing bad would happen to you. Sister Odette Ward also knows the value of life and how we as Christians should try to help others, even non-Christians.Continue reading “Donating organs as something good to come out of tragedy”

Jew refering to be religious or to be a people

The long-term decline in the Jewish by religion share of the population results partly from differences in the median age and fertility of Jews compared with the public at large