How to defuse the ‘carbon bomb’ crisis

We need more than politicians’ promises to stop catastrophic drilling projects

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Photo of Hannah Arendt in 1958
Hannah Arendt, political philosopher, author, and Holocaust survivor. Her contributions influenced 20th and 21st century political theorists.

One of the most jarring aspects of being an environmental journalist is the inordinate time you spend covering what governments are pledging to do to help the world retain a liveable climate, only to be reminded of the bleak reality of what is actually being allowed to happen.

The climate crisis is a sprawling, messy, morphing disaster and we have no precise idea how bad it will get. Formalised agreements by countries to cut planet-heating emissions, therefore, feel like a welcome sense of control over our fate. Promises are, after all,

the uniquely human way of ordering the future”,

as Hannah Arendt put it.

But even as the world’s leaders reaffirm, as they did at Cop26 in Glasgow last year, the desire to avoid 1.5C of global heating beyond pre-industrial times, the situation is spinning dangerously in the opposite direction.

As the Guardian’s new ‘climate bombs’ series shows, there are 195 gigantic oil and gas projects underway around the world that would each result in at least one billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions over their lifetimes, in total equivalent to around 18 years of current global emissions. More than half have already started drilling and pumping.

The scale of these projects is immense and will, by themselves, propel the world beyond the agreed 1.5C threshold into the catastrophic wildfires, floods, drought and unrest that scientists are increasingly frantic over. If we are going to keep to a ‘safe’ global climate, not only will these nascent projects have to be scrapped, nearly half of existing fossil fuel production will have to be shut down.

Yet the dissonance from political leaders has become deafening. In the US, Joe Biden has called the climate crisis

the greatest existential threat we face”

and immediately shut down drilling on public lands when he took office. Little more than a year later, the drilling is not only back, it is set to reach record levels in 2022 in the Permian basin, a vast geological formation found under western Texas.

Biden has even taken to exhorting other countries to drill for more oil, to help lower a global oil price that has pushed up the cost of gasoline for American drivers. This about-turn is a microcosm of much of our response to climate change to date, which has resembled a person promising to quit drinking while heading to the supermarket to buy all of its Special Brew.

It’s little wonder, then, that many younger people are not only anxious about the future of the planet, but consider it to be doomed. If we want order and control over our futures, we are going to need more than promises. We are going to have to defuse all of the carbon bombs, everywhere, all at once.

Editor’s note: The link to last week’s Story of the Week – ‘Revealed: the carbon bombs set to trigger climate breakdown’ – was incorrect. You can read the story here



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  1. Hi bro Marcus

    I cannot seem to find any way to contact your via your webpage. Perhaps I missed it?

    I am hoping that this reply to your email might make it through to you.

    I am sister Beth Symes from the Dandenong Ranges ecclesia in Australia. I notice that you have posts on your blog from bro Andy Peel. I have been trying to get in contact with him for a long time about a book he has written and none of the contact details I have for him work any longer.

    If you have a way to contact him could either pass my details on to him and ask him to contact me or otherwise pass his details to me, please. I would be ever so thankful if I could get in touch with him.

    With hope and faith

    Your sister in Christ

    Beth Symes


    1. Dear Sister Beth,

      Normally a person can leave a message on one of the pages or on an article as well getting my e-mail address via de link to my Google profile page. Christadelphians also can find all my co-ordinates via the Calls Diary.

      Reacting via a posting is another good way to reach me, and perhaps more successful than via one of my many e-mail addresses, which get hundreds of e-mails a day.

      Andy Peel can be reached by:

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      I do hope you shall be able to get in touch with brother Andy.

      God bless.
      With kind regards,


  2. Maybe Putins war made some very difficult descissions for the western world more easy. Now independant energy production has become a “must”….


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