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Indy for the 4th week of August 2022: Andrew Tate is toast

Indy 100 Briefing Dave McLean

Andrew Tate is toast. The controversial influencer known for his outspoken comments on women, has been nuked from so many social media platforms now that people are imagining new online spaces he can be banned from. (One of his final acts as a TikTok user appears to have been shooting his shot with a US gymnast). In his ‘final message’, which was longer than most movies, he attempted to clear up some of the scandals attached to his name and claimed that he has donated millions to women’s charities.
If you don’t know who he is by this point, where have you been?

Regardless, we have you covered, and these are his most controversial moments. Tate claims his online persona was just a character, which hasn’t cut it with the social media giants who booted him off. Some innocent bystanders have been caught up in the backlash to Tate, including one weatherman who shares the same name. His misogynistic attitude is even seeping into classrooms. Like all villains, it appears he has quite a dramatic origin story, too. He says he doesn’t think all of this will usher in a kinder society. We say: it can’t hurt to try.

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