The Observer end of July 2022 overview

Hi all,

Truly can’t imagine a hotter summer.

With heat waves in Europe, an ever changing political sphere, and wars still ongoing abroad, it’s a surreal time to be alive. No one can deny that yet we still find ourselves time and time again drawn back to art of all kinds. We make sense of it every day in the ways we can yet even the art world is chaotic.

New York is in full swing, regardless of what’s going on elsewhere. It almost feels that New York City exists in a space and time of its own, uniquely existing in a bubble while the rest of the world lives on as it does. Well, here’s the week.

A Strong Dollar Is Great News For America’s Consumers—But Not So Much For its Businesses
The U.S. dollar has gained 13 percent in 2022 so far. That’s great news to American shoppers in Europe and Asia, but spells trouble U.S. multinational companies like Boeing that rely on overseas sales.
By Sissi Cao
Looted Antiquities Worth $14 Million Were Returned to Italy by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office
The Manhattan district attorney’s office has returned 142 antiquities to Italy in a repatriation ceremony. With an estimated value of $14 billion, the stolen antiquities were seized from various ongoing investigations.
By Alexandra Tremayne-Pengelly

Climate Activists Keep Gluing Themselves to Artwork in Museums

This piece by Observer’s reporter Alexandra Tremayne-Pengelly on the European climate activist group that has made a splash by gluing themselves to artwork is an excellent write-up. It’s fascinating the ways in which the unheard will make themselves known.


European climate activists have embraced a new method in order to bring attention to their cause—gluing their hands to acclaimed pieces of art.


The most recent case in a series of radical museum protests occurred on July 22 at Florence’s Uffizi Gallery, when two advocates glued their hands to a 15th century painting by Sandro Botticelli.


The activists attached themselves to the glass protecting the painting, according to Uffizi spokesman Tommaso Galligani, and no harm was done to the work itself. The glue was removed with chemical cleaner that doesn’t damage glass, he said.


Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri Knows You Hate Video so He Made a Video About It
Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri knows you hate video on Instagram and hears you. So he made a video about it.
By Observer Staff

Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri Will Walk Back Unpopular Instagram Changes

It’s fascinating witnessing Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri continuously making choices, whether they’re good or bad; only time will tell.

“We’re going to have to lean into this shift while continuing to support photos,” Mosseri said in a video posted to Twitter, before walking back the hated changes and vowing to fight again another day.
By Observer Staff


TikTok and the Fall of the Social-Media Giants


Writer Cal Newport at the New Yorker has delved into TikTok’s foundational power over how social media platforms are choosing to operate, and why this could be its downfall.

Judge Sets Trial Date for Elon Musk’s and Twitter’s Acquisition Dispute
Elon Musk wants to walk away from his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter, while Twitter demands he completes the deal under agreed terms.
By Sissi Cao
Tesla Cybertruck Buyers Have Been Waiting for Years. Elon Musk Told Them to Keep Waiting.
After multiple delays, production of the Cybertruck is expected to start at Tesla’s Texas factory in the summer of 2023, Elon Musk said.
By Sissi Cao
Facebook Stares Down Its First Ever Revenue Decline
Tech companies that rely on advertising are facing new challenges, and Facebook/Meta is facing the prospect of little to no growth.
By Alex Kantrowitz

Inside the far right’s growing obsession with art


It’s not surprising that fascists tend to have a tendency to obsess over art, Hitler’s obsession with “degenerate” modern art can be seen as an the earliest cultural culling leading up to the  Holocaust. Over at Dazed, writer James Greig dives into the history of the Nazi art obsession and how it is playing out today among fascist groups.

Amazon’s New Tactic for Fighting Unionization in Staten Island Is a Long and Expensive Court Battle
The battle over organized labor at Amazon pits a Goliath-like employer against an upstart union with limited resources.
By Courtney Vinopal
Events Happening in New York City the First Two Weeks of August
August is a fun month in New York City, full of festivals, music, food, art, and people coming together. Here is a list to stay in the know.
By Erin Taylor

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