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Taming or Gaining Populists

Giorgia Meloni her party, Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy), is leading in the opinion polls and, speaking in English, Spanish and French in a recent video, she insisted it had consigned the ideology of fascism to history, but her words and actions give us an other impression and could bring Italy to a similar position as in the 1930s..

Adding to From a land where the people have to give their vote:

Greece and Italy are two weak brothers in the European Union. We may actually look at them as two regularly sick brothers who can cause us a lot of headaches because they are so shaky.

Many Italians had put their hope on Silvio Berlusconi in the mid-1990s. In the past 10 years, various populists from the left and right have surged in the polls or even gained office, only to look much tamer and deflated a few years later.

M5S logo 2050.svgIn the 2013 Italian general election, the anti-establishment Movimento 5 Stelle or Five Star Movement, founded by the comedian Beppe Grillobut, was the second-most popular single party, though it was only the third-most popular grouping, behind the centre-left Italia. Bene Comune and the centre-right coalition. The 2018 national election was won by them though they have lost half its appeal since then.

In 2019 the Federal Secretary of Italy’s Euroskeptic party Lega Nord (Northern League) advocated the creation of a new state that would include Italy’s wealthier northern regions and the return of the lira. Both UKIP and the Northern League served in the European Parliament as members of the Europe of Freedom & Democracy group. Other Euroskeptic parties included the National Front in France and the Dutch Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid; PVV).

As Europe struggled with an ongoing migrant crisis and a series of Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL; Islamic State in Iraq and Syria [ISIS])-sponsored terrorist attacks those right-wing parties could grow strong.

Matteo Salvini Viminale (cropped).jpg
Matteo Salvini in 2017

Matteo Salvini is one of the strongest supporters of Russia’s president Vladimir Putin, and we heard the leader of the right-wing Fratelli d’Italia party joining forces to congratulate Putin on his actions, though at other moments she staunchly seems to support Ukraine.

For me it looks like a return of Italy once more choosing for a fascist dictator, like it did with Hitler, now going for Putin. Salvini wants people to believe that Putin is

“the best politician and statesman in the world”.

Giorgia Meloni at the Conservative Political Action Conference meeting in Florida in February 2022
Giorgia Meloni in 2022

Meloni, being of the likes of Trump, possibly could get a lot of people around her and voting for her because she wants them to believe she is the only one to make Italy great again.

She has been youngest ever vice-president of Italy and could well become the first female president of Italy. For her people on the left are the enemies of the state, but she wants us to believe that Italian fascism is history. As president of the conservative, soft Eurosceptic  European political party with a main focus on reforming the European Union (EU) on the basis of Eurorealism, European Conservatives and Reformists Party, [formerly known as Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists (AECR) (2009–2016) and Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe (ACRE) ](2016–2019), she said she shared the experiences and values of the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom, though for me that is far-fetched, Likud in Israel, and the Republican Party in the United States, where she rightly finds her brother in arms, Mr. Trump.

Lots of people are looking for her to

restore freedom and pride to this nation,”

like she told the newspaper Il Giornale.

“They say the markets, actors, and influencers are worried about a centre-right victory. We don’t care what they say. We care what the Italians think.”

Following the collapse in January 2021 of the government led by the unelected Giuseppe Conte when a key coalition partner withdrew during a dispute over the allocation of EU-provided COVID-19 relief funds, Conte was unsuccessful in his attempts to rebuild his coalition, and it seemed possible that Italy was headed toward a snap election in the middle of a pandemic.  Italian Pres. Sergio Mattarella called upon Mario Draghi to serve as prime minister at the head of a unity government, assembling a cabinet that drew representation from a broad spectrum of Italy’s mainstream political parties, thus ensuring that he would have sufficient parliamentary support to advance his agenda. He was officially sworn in as prime minister of Italy on February 13, 2021.

Though Mario Draghi, the former successful head of the European Central Bank, was summoned by his EU masters to take charge in Rome, he could not restore peace in the political groups nor on the economical front.
He managed to guide Italy out of the worst days of the coronavirus SARSCoV-2 pandemic and secured more than €191 billion (nearly $230 billion) in pandemic recovery funding from the EU, overseeing the successful relaunch of Italy’s struggling vaccination campaign.

When Movimento 5 Stelle (the Five Star Movement) — the party of Draghi’s predecessor— withdrew its support from a key spending package, Draghi treated the matter as a vote of confidence and submitted his resignation to Mattarella, who initially refused to accept his resignation, making Draghi trying to rebuild his coalition. However, on July 21, 2022,  Draghi deemed that there was no path forward, and he dissolved parliament, triggering early elections, which brings us to today Sunday 25 September, where we shall find out how the Italian citizens find their country shall have to go next.

We only fear that the rightist lady, born in Rome on 15 January 1977, who was formed by the the Fronte della Gioventù or the Youth Front, the youth-wing of the neo-fascist Movimento Sociale Italiano [Italian Social Movement (MSI)] would be Italy’s first female Prime Minister on Sunday night, and its first right-wing leader since World War I.



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