Need of a sovereign decision about sovereign decisions by sovereign member states

Poland’s prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, has clashed with the European Commission president and MEPs after accusing EU institutions of seeking to turn the country into a province, in an escalation of the battle between Warsaw and Brussels over the rule of law.

The clash in the European Parliament follows a top Polish court ruling that rejected key parts of EU law.

Mr Morawiecki rejected “the language of threats”, accused the EU of overstepping its powers and accused unnamed “EU politicians” of seeking to blackmail his government into acceding to a “central power”, in reference to calls to cut Poland’s funding from Brussels over the recent ruling by the country’s constitutional court that key parts of EU law were incompatible with the Polish constitution.

Commentators and some senior politicians, including France’s EU affairs minister, Clément Beaune, portrayed this development as a back door “Polexit”.

According to Morawiecki

“Were we to agree to the central principle it would mean that the EU ceases to be an association of sovereign states and by fait accompli, the EU is transferred into a centrally governed European state where European institutions can force the so-called provinces to do as the central power wants. This is not what we agreed in the treaties.”

For him there is a creeping revolution taking place by way of verdicts of the European court of justice.

Former Belgian prime minister Guy Verhofstadt (of the Liberal party) was among a number of MEPs who accused the Polish government of using the language of the Brexiters in the UK. Several MP’s, the same as many EU Citizens would find the best measure, that the EU stopped giving EU funds to Poland.

The parliament will vote on a resolution on Thursday that

“deeply deplores the decision of the illegitimate ‘constitutional tribunal’ of 7 October 2021 as an attack on the European community of values and laws as a whole”.

It will further commend the

“tens of thousands of Polish citizens for taking to the streets in peaceful mass protests, fighting for their rights and freedoms as European citizens”.



Mateusz Morawiecki
European integration is a civilisation and strategic choice. We are here, we belong here and we are not going to leave. We want to make Europe strong, ambitious and courageous again. That is why we do not look only at short-term benefits, but also at what we can give to Europe.
Guy Verhofstadt
The Polish People don’t want to be pushed outside the EU by their government. So my wish, Prime Minister @MorawieckiM, is for you to come back on these fateful decisions and end this march of folly 🇵🇱⚖️🇪🇺 #EPlenary intervention (1/2)👇




Rights of Polish people in danger

Published by Marcus Ampe

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