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Europe sucked into a war against Russia

Ukraines war against Russia has developed during the previous months such that the contributions made by other countries in defence of Ukraine ended up involving all of Eorpa in this war.

Selection from The Week: 2022 3rd week of March

Russians should remember the Soviet Union’s doomed war against Afghanistan, which ended in 1989 after a decade of brutal fighting against insurgents. For that matter, weren’t they watching just a few months ago when the United States exited Afghanistan, undone by the exact same dynamic? Is nobody paying attention? In modern times, the United StatesContinue reading “Selection from The Week: 2022 3rd week of March”

Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Russian troop movements

In September we had Russian strategic bombers which carried out flights over Belarus, that once was part of the USSR, in a show of support for President Lukashenko as a stand-off over thousands of migrants continued on the country’s border with Poland. Germany and Poland have accused President Putin of working with Belarus to escalate theContinue reading “Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Russian troop movements”

In Eastern Europe the Foundations of the European Union in danger

Warsaw has angered the EU by refusing to override a tribunal that this month ruled that the Polish constitution took precedence over rulings by the European Court of Justice, but now starts feeling the full force of the EU Commission’s wrath for daring to challenge the Court of Justice of the European Union’s role as the ultimate arbiter of law within the bloc.

Need of a sovereign decision about sovereign decisions by sovereign member states

Poland’s prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, has clashed with the European Commission president and MEPs after accusing EU institutions of seeking to turn the country into a province, in an escalation of the battle between Warsaw and Brussels over the rule of law. The clash in the European Parliament follows a top Polish court ruling thatContinue reading “Need of a sovereign decision about sovereign decisions by sovereign member states”

Rights of Polish people in danger

Gay rights have become a flashpoint issue in Poland in recent years under the governing right-wing Prawo i Sprawiedliwość or Law and Justice (PiS) party, which campaigns against what it calls “LGBT ideology”, likening the promotion of gay rights to a form of communism. In October 2021, the Polish Constitutional Tribunal, with support from Hungary,Continue reading “Rights of Polish people in danger”

Uitspraak Grondwettelijk Hof moet EU tot nadenken brengen

Landen die bij EU gezinden vragen oproepen Al meerdere maanden doen Hongarije en Polen onze wenkbrauwen fronsen. Meermaals horen wij berichten uit die landen die ons zouden moeten doen nadenken over de rol en al of niet mogelijkheid van die landen om lid te zijn van de EU. Donderdagavond twitterde Tusk: Ik roep allen dieContinue reading “Uitspraak Grondwettelijk Hof moet EU tot nadenken brengen”