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A selection of news on the earth

Looking back at 2022, what happened around our environment.

The Guardian looking at the 4th week of August 2022

August 22 Care homes / Staffing crisis leaves many English care home residents’ basic needs unmet Vulnerable people left alone in rooms for 24 hours a day and denied showers for a week as vacancies rise to 165,000 Thousands of vulnerable people are suffering inadequate care as severe staffing shortages in previously good care homesContinue reading “The Guardian looking at the 4th week of August 2022”

The Guardian composted reads for the beginning of July 2022

Composted reads Story of the week Why are we feeding crops to our cars when people are starving? George Monbiot Modern biofuels are touted as a boon for the climate. But they are no more sustainable than whale oil The good news Amazon: e-cargo bikes to replace thousands of van deliveries in London Newly identifiedContinue reading “The Guardian composted reads for the beginning of July 2022”

Water quality a major topic over the last few weeks, hitting the national headlines multiple times

Campaigning for clean water is an important part of the climate discussion.  

Four ways Joe Biden has failed on climate

Below is a photo of Emily Holden in 2017, crowded around the TV at the climate publication she worked for, looking resigned as then president Donald Trump announced the US was withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement. Emily Holden writes: I couldn’t have imagined the wild ride I was in for. Over four years, TrumpContinue reading “Four ways Joe Biden has failed on climate”