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Has Ukraine become a Symbol of ‘Freedom’

The West with the U.S.A. decided to do everything they can to help the Ukrainians bring this war to an end on the possible terms as quickly as possible.

Indy briefing for the week of April 6, 2022

  When Russia invaded Ukraine on 24th February and the Ukrainian people, led by their inspiring president Volodymyr Zelensky, bravely fought back, the first thing that sprung to everyone’s mind was the UK voting to leave the EU, right? Well, that’s at least what Boris Johnson thinks. That’s exactly the bizarre and very ill-advised comparisonContinue reading “Indy briefing for the week of April 6, 2022”

Christians on the Left Statement on Ukraine April 2022

  The invasion of Ukraine by Russia is shocking and disgraceful. It is the latest terrible aggression by the Putin regime and the latest damaging conflict in our world, with so many people being killed or injured, losing loved ones and seeing their homes destroyed. The world, and we in the UK, have been tooContinue reading “Christians on the Left Statement on Ukraine April 2022”

Random Thoughts 3/15/2022 by Ray Barbier and Marcus Ampe

Originally posted on One Lifetime Blog:
Photo by Artu016bras Kokorevas on One must be awed, amazed and just plain overwhelmed by the courage, strength, fearlessness, and determination of the Ukrainian people. They are in a war/conflict where they are outnumbered, outgunned, and for most people would be considered dire or hopeless. To them, there…

The health consequences of war in Ukraine will be catastrophic

Ukraine is no stranger to war on a colossal scale. We may not forget that crude estimates suggest that for each person killed directly by war, nine will be killed indirectly

Russian doctors plead for end to war

Following their oaths and maintaining a humane and equal treatment of all lives, Russian doctors, nurses and paramedics, strongly oppose the military actions carried out by Russian armed forces on the territory of Ukraine and demand an immediate suspension of all operations with the use of lethal weapons.

USSR – USA – Cold-, Hot Wars and memorandi

We can see that despite the impressive language they often deploy, international agreements don’t really have the force of law.

The Lord Teaches us – Isa. 48:18

Originally posted on 2 Live The WORD:
Isaiah 48:17-18 (NIV) 17 This is what the LORD says — your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel:“I am the LORD your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go.18 If only you had paid attention to my commands,…

Concerning prayer and thought for the day

In our life we encounter enough worries and lots of difficulties of which we wonder how we can cope with them. In life, we are often so busy with ourselves that we do not make much time to think about our own Maker. Lots of people who believe in God think about Him as aContinue reading “Concerning prayer and thought for the day”

The 17th annual White Privilege Conference a militantly Christophobic conference held in Philadelphia

A simplified chart of historical developments of major groups within Christianity. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) From April 15 to 17 the 17th annual White Privilege Conference was held in Philadelphia. Activist and author Paul Kivel identified three particularly severe problems in the modern world that are caused or worsened by Christianity. I could agree with hisContinue reading “The 17th annual White Privilege Conference a militantly Christophobic conference held in Philadelphia”