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The Big Question: What happened to Credit Suisse

What happened to Credit Suisse and why are banks needing bailouts again? Fears of another 2008-style banking crisis resurfaced this week after banking giant UBS swept in to buy its crisis-hit rival Credit Suisse and US authorities stepped in to broker a £24.7bn rescue package for First Republic. Stock markets have been jittery amid worries thatContinue reading “The Big Question: What happened to Credit Suisse”

What The Telegraph brought in the news on Friday 2023 March 17

By Matthew Robinson Labour is preparing for a tax raid on up to two million pension pots with a plan to reverse the Chancellor’s decision to scrap the lifetime contributions cap. And Nicola Sturgeon has denied that the SNP is in crisis after it was revealed that more than 40 per cent of the party’sContinue reading “What The Telegraph brought in the news on Friday 2023 March 17”

The Telegraph Frontpage for Tuesday 2023 March14

By Matthew Robinson Jeremy Hunt is preparing to raise the tax-free allowance for pensions to potentially more than £1.5m in order to tackle the rising trend of early retirement. And Tory MPs have warned that Gary Lineker is bigger than the BBC after it capitulated to him. By Sam Hall Good evening. Ahead of tomorrow’sContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for Tuesday 2023 March14”

Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank

Companies across the world are feeling the ill effects of the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the potential loss of billions in uninsured assets. The California-based bank was reclaimed by the FDIC after a massive run by investors resulted in its demise. SVB was known as a tech-based corporation and investment bank for startups,Continue reading “Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank”