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Accident Of Birth

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Accident of Birth is a magic of our stars. If fortune hits your Zodiac its the manoeuvre of your stars or it isn’t? I think lots would agree that they didn’t get to choose the Sperm and Ovum which fused to ignite life in them….( You got chance…Huh?). Over…


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Oh! The startling wave of pellucid blue,How caressed the face, the breeze, along which hair and you too flew.How it wafted teasing the land,Turning oysters and carving creatures on the sand.But, alas!Placid blue can rush ruthless on life,Even the gentle breeze can gust wild.The blue may shed the calm,The…

Beware Not To Be Too Wary!

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Life is consistently throwing bouncers at you or maybe it has turned too mundane.Nonetheless, you can still stop to glance and smile at tiny plants growing out of  pavement cracks. You can still giggle at your own jokes and laugh out loud at other’s remarks.  You can still feel…