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LGBTQ+ people Welcome or not welcome in a Church

Dan Foster did the test to find out how churches would welcome or not welcome LGBTQ+ people .

Living and Loving Faithfully

A Response to the Church of England’s Document and Discourse on Sexuality, Marriage and Gender. New Testament Marriage, Blessings & Covenants: This year, in England and Wales at least, the ‘Gay Marriage‘ controversy has been hitting the headlines again, especially in recent weeks, with the Church in Wales performing its first service of blessing for aContinue reading “Living and Loving Faithfully”

Are Christadelphians so Old Fashioned?

Dutch version / Nederlandse versie: Zijn Christadelphians zo \’Old fashioned\’? The ‘Sunday Reading’ from The Christadelphian (90.1072.309), 1953 is quoted and called ‘old fashioned’ by popular opinion, but numerous professional studies confirm their opinion about what we do have to encounter or the many sexualised content is damaging. Today we can find an over sexualisedContinue reading “Are Christadelphians so Old Fashioned?”