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The Telegraph Frontpage for Wednesday 2023 January 25

By Danny Boyle & Sam Hall Berlin is expected to announce a decision today on the export of powerful German-made Leopard 2 battle tanks that have been long sought by Kyiv. We examine what it means for Ukraine’s fight. Germany and United States agree to give Kyiv tanks Could this be a turning point inContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for Wednesday 2023 January 25”

Looking at behaviourism of living beings

Eminent scientist and writer Edward O Wilson has passed away on Boxing Day 2021. With Sound Eagle we look at one of his theories of human behaviour.

Shall Artificial intelligence transform religion

Lots of people have their hope placed in ‘Artificial intelligence‘ (AI). They are convinced that a digital computer or computer-controlled robot is going to perform the majority of tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings. Since the development of the digital computer in the 1940s, scientists showed the incredible possibilities of that instrument, which developed veryContinue reading “Shall Artificial intelligence transform religion”