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Rising euro-skepticism must be a wake-up call for Europe

   ° Wilders might be too Islamophobic for Marine Le Pen who tries to get a more moderate image for her party ever since her father Jean-Marie Le Pen stepped down. At the same time Wilders is quite Israel-friendly which might be in turn problematic for other right-wing parties.   Nonetheless is Guy Verhofstadt rightContinue reading “Rising euro-skepticism must be a wake-up call for Europe”

Germany wanting to do something against racism

America and its allies have used 9/11 to wage certain wars, but with their hostilities they have also evoked great fear around the Islamic faith, making many feel threatened by Muslims.
At a time of heightened fear of Muslims, governments must try to allay that fear and stop anti-Islamism. Germany is taking its first steps in this direction.