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Anarchy in Marseille as Macron protests turn violent

Presumably, Macron‘s government has killed itself, even though, early this week, it survived two confidence votes. Carnival celebrations in Marseille descended into violence on the night of March 19, in protest against Emmanuel Macron’s unpopular pension reforms. What began as a family-friendly event quickly degenerated into anarchy when 300 people started a bonfire in theContinue reading “Anarchy in Marseille as Macron protests turn violent”

The New York Times from June 27 – July 3

From the SUNDAY MAGAZINE John Grisham Is Still Battling His Southern Demons “It was such a hard-right-wing, racist society that I grew up in. I’ve come a long way.” June 27 Protesters clashing outside the Supreme Court yesterday.Shuran Huang for The New York Times U.S. abortion fight shifts to new battlegrounds A Supreme Court rulingContinue reading “The New York Times from June 27 – July 3”

Emmanuel Macron falters as Melenchon rises

Originally posted on 21centurymanifesto:
For the first time in decades, France’s president will not command a National Assembly majority — and the left-wing Nupes now makes up the second-largest bloc. But what next for this deeply divided progressive alliance, asks NICK WRIGHT writing in the Morning Star newspaper THE Sunday night takeaway from the French…