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Dissident Voice: Pro-Israel and Ukraine Groups Use Identity Politics to Attack Free Speech

Originally posted on Levant's Agora:
By Yves Engler. Questioning Canada’s contribution to NATO’s proxy war is “hate” that must be shut down according to some Ukrainian groups mimicking Zionist organizations by promoting an identity politics laced cancel culture. A Ukrainian student group sought to cancel my talk at Kings College in London, Ontario, on…

Inside Zelensky’s wartime bunker in Kyiv and a Russian spy plane

Inside Zelensky’s wartime bunker in Kyiv Volodymyr Zelensky keeps a bust of Winston Churchill on his desk, it has been revealed, as the Ukrainian president opened the doors to his wartime living quarters for the first time. Mr Zelensky has spoken previously of his respect for Britain’s wartime leader, recalling how he sat in Churchill’sContinue reading “Inside Zelensky’s wartime bunker in Kyiv and a Russian spy plane”

Russians shunned and made silent

Over a few days, we have to face that it was one year ago that Russia did what it said never to do. For months, the Russian government told the citizens of the federation it was going to liberate the Ukrainians of Neo-Nazis and corrupt leaders. As the months of 2022 wore on, and itContinue reading “Russians shunned and made silent”

Christians on the Left Statement on Ukraine April 2022

  The invasion of Ukraine by Russia is shocking and disgraceful. It is the latest terrible aggression by the Putin regime and the latest damaging conflict in our world, with so many people being killed or injured, losing loved ones and seeing their homes destroyed. The world, and we in the UK, have been tooContinue reading “Christians on the Left Statement on Ukraine April 2022”