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The Telegraph for the sabbath of 2023 February 24-25

On February 24, 1582 the Gregorian calendar was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII. In what year was it adopted in Britain – supposedly resulting in public uproar over 11 lost days? (See at the bottom for the Trivia answer.) World news: Bird flu kills school girl in Cambodia Scientists testing a dozen people for avianContinue reading “The Telegraph for the sabbath of 2023 February 24-25”

The Telegraph Frontpage 2023 February 20

By Sam Hall Police searching for Nicola Bulley have recovered a body less than a mile away from where she disappeared, as officers face growing questions over their investigation. In this newsletter, we also have reaction to the Baftas, after a big night for All Quiet on the Western Front. Body found in search forContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage 2023 February 20”

Everywhere I Look, I Read ‘Protection’

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This post is a slight diversion from my usual approach to the blog, but I felt impassioned enough to include it. ‘Protection’ has been a recurring word during this project, and this week I encountered another example which I wanted to touch on, because it relates somewhat to my interests and art…

Why censoring Roald Dahl is a dangerous step

We ourselves also do not like the term ‘woke,’ of which it took us a long time before we got to know what it really meant. In any case, we have come to the conclusion that “woke” is a present way of covering up, or to gloss over censorship. It is best for the olderContinue reading “Why censoring Roald Dahl is a dangerous step”