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King Charles III for and of the people

Friday 5 May King Charles greets crowds in surprise walkabout The King and the Prince and Princess of Wales have greeted well-wishers on The Mall, as hundreds gathered on the eve of the Coronation. The royals shook hands with members of the public, who had eagerly lined the route in hope of catching a glimpseContinue reading “King Charles III for and of the people”

The Telegraph Frontpage for 2023 May 2 #2

By Sam Hall Good evening. More than a million NHS workers in England are to be given a pay rise after ministers and unions agreed a new pay deal. And with the Coronation approaching, we have all the latest news on the Royal family, as the King met Rishi Sunak at Westminster Hall. Steve BarclayContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for 2023 May 2 #2”

The Sussexes in the picture

Celebrities love big age gap romances – but are they as doomed as we claim? There’s a photo taken a few years ago, in slightly happier times, of the then Prince Charles, Camilla, Harry and Meghan, Wills and Kate, and the grandchildren. Camilla is pointing at the camera, and little Princess Charlotte is giggling. PrinceContinue reading “The Sussexes in the picture”

The Telegraph 2022 September 05 – 11

September 05 By Danny Boyle After seven weeks, the Tory leadership contest comes to a close today – and Liz Truss is widely expected to win the race. We look at what she will do if she becomes Britain’s new prime minister. Truss could freeze bills to avoid energy ‘Armageddon’ By lunchtime, we will knowContinue reading “The Telegraph 2022 September 05 – 11”