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Gang Fascism: How Capital Weaponizes the Social Ills It Creates

Originally posted on Left of Left:
By Rainer Shea   In?The Peasant War in Germany, Friedrich Engels wrote: The lumpenproletariat, this scum of the decaying elements of all classes, which establishes headquarters in all the big cities, is the worst of all possible allies. It is an absolutely venal, an absolutely brazen crew. If the French workers,…

An other trait for faith in Jesus and his God

In a previous posting we had it about people who say that religion is the cause of all the problems in the world. Others see an other trait in the behaviour of certain people who represent such religious groups, be it Christians, Muslims or others who use the name of their god to extend theirContinue reading “An other trait for faith in Jesus and his God”

Ability (part 5) Thought about the abilities to be under God\’s Spirit

Zacchaeus in the Sycamore Awaiting the Passage of Jesus (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The Poor in Spirit “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:3 The Bible presents many paradoxes that challenge our human way of thinking. We think of the poor as possessing very little, yet Jesus saidContinue reading “Ability (part 5) Thought about the abilities to be under God\’s Spirit”

London an exaggerated microcosm of the UK at large

English: Ladbroke Grove Looking north towards the railway bridge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The city where I loved living in but could not afford it any more has even become more impossible to reside for many. People who have lived there for generations, who are born there have no alternative to leave the city and lookContinue reading “London an exaggerated microcosm of the UK at large”

Pope Francis says Catholics must become evangelisers

Pope Francis I who becomes more and more popular because of his own simple attitude has issued his first apostolic exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospel), following the synod of bishops on the new evangelisation in October 2012. The Gospel in itself is a bringer of Good News and tells us the storyContinue reading “Pope Francis says Catholics must become evangelisers”