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World awaits the draft of a UN treaty on plastic

Negotiators expect to have a draft at the end of this round of talks after agreeing last December to develop a legally binding deal on plastic pollution by 2024.

3rd week of May 2023 composted reads

Composted Reads Story of the week World likely to breach 1.5C climate threshold by 2027, scientists warn The good news Plastic pollution could be slashed by 80% by 2040, UN says Chonk the snapping turtle delights locals with Chicago River appearance Chris Anchor, a wildlife biologist with the Forest Preserve District of Cook county, toldContinue reading “3rd week of May 2023 composted reads”

You can help solve the plastic crisis

Banning plastic exports would also force the EU to face up to the true scale of its plastic pollution problem. As long as the EU can ship its plastic waste elsewhere, there is little incentive to stop making so much throwaway plastic in the first place.

Germany’s razing a village to expand a coal mine a.o. ecological news

The protest started cheerfully enough on Wednesday, with music blaring and flags flying even under the driving rain. Then the police arrived, decked out in riot gear and backed by bulldozers, ready to demolish the village of Luetzerath to make way for the expansion of an opencast coal mine in the heart of Europe. As Germany turns back to theContinue reading “Germany’s razing a village to expand a coal mine a.o. ecological news”

Climate Indicators to Watch in 2023

The year 2022 saw the US enact an unprecedented climate bill and countries take bold steps at two United Nations conferences to aid disaster-stricken developing nations and preserve what’s left of the natural world.

Composted reads for 3 November 2022

Story of the week World close to ‘irreversible’ climate breakdown, studies warn Key UN reports published in last two days warn urgent and collective action needed – as oil firms report astronomical profits The good news How a desert bloomed in the driest place on Earth Unusual winter rainfall has produced a floral bloom andContinue reading “Composted reads for 3 November 2022”

Are we going from purgatory to hell

People should come to know that we are in the fight of our lives facing climate change which is the defining issue of our age, the central challenge of our century in which the industrialised countries should pay for the damage done to the poor countries..

Balance of Power in the 3rd week of August 2022 from Bloomberg

August 15 Chinese President Xi Jinping’s hopes for stability ahead of a historic Communist Party congress are quickly dwindling. His country’s economic slowdown deepened in July as strict Covid Zero measures and a slumping real-estate market threaten the chances of a recovery to a “reasonable” range. Key reading: China Announces Patrols to Protest US Senator’sContinue reading “Balance of Power in the 3rd week of August 2022 from Bloomberg”

The Guardian’s Composted reads & Story of the 2nd week of August

It’s time to ban private jets – or at least tax them to the ground Akin Olla Private jets are morally obscene and terrible for the climate. The planet can no longer afford these indulgences The good news ‘Incredibly promising’: the bubble barrier extracting plastic from a Dutch river Technology applied to Oude Rijn riverContinue reading “The Guardian’s Composted reads & Story of the 2nd week of August”