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2023 May Day marches and rallies in the United Kingdom

In a bank holiday weekend of celebrations, workers took to the streets in traditional May Day events. Members of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) walked out at 8pm Sunday evening, and it is expected to prompt widespread disruption. The strike was initially planned to continue on Tuesday, but the six-month mandate to strike givenContinue reading “2023 May Day marches and rallies in the United Kingdom”

Bank holiday weekend of 2023 May 1

The bank holiday weekend is nearly finished. We do not know if you were able to enjoy several Labour Day manifestations or catch some May 1 speeches. Hopefully, you also found some time to sit back and relax with some of our selected stories. You might find some Labour Day speech by Marcus Ampe, himContinue reading “Bank holiday weekend of 2023 May 1”

The Telegraph Frontpage for Wednesday 2022 December 21

By Danny Boyle Thousands of ambulance staff have today gone on strike for the first time in three decades, with warnings that patient safety cannot be guaranteed. We have a guide to what to expect in each area. Home births scrapped amid strike transport fears As paramedics and crews go on strike today, the HealthContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for Wednesday 2022 December 21”