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What was at stake in Sharm El-Sheikh

Whilst the cost of inaction is far, far greater than the cost of inaction for many countries, it was difficult to come to an agreement to contribute to a fund helping those countries most affected by pollution from the industrial and most polluting countries.

Are we going from purgatory to hell

People should come to know that we are in the fight of our lives facing climate change which is the defining issue of our age, the central challenge of our century in which the industrialised countries should pay for the damage done to the poor countries..

How secret courts are helping fuel the climate crisis

The closed-door tribunals are the biggest threat to the Paris climate agreement.

The world is still on course for climate catastrophe

It is no news at all to say that the world is on course for climate catastrophe. We still face the threat of global warming to the planet, and should be aware of the need of climate change mitigation. For several years now many people (like me and fellow utopists) cry for actions to beContinue reading “The world is still on course for climate catastrophe”

Support Climate Legislation

Originally posted on Pearls of Green Wisdom:
Link to automatically e-mail your representatives: As seen on Instagram @Environmentalist_Mama The climate crisis is too big to tackle alone. We need our governments to act. Right now, there’s legislation in the US Congress that could allow the US to meet the commitments of the Paris Agreement.…

Are you serious?

Originally posted on Transport Policy Matters:
The signatories of the Paris Agreement have to submit more ambitious decarbonisation plans by early November. We take a look at how committed they are to reducing transport CO2. Demonstrators urge cimate action. Photo by Markus Spiske on By Hans Michael Kloth Finally, during?the third all-nighter in a…

Cop26 presidency run from within the UK Cabinet Office

The UK is running its Cop26 presidency from within the Cabinet Office, under the leadership of the former business secretary Alok Sharma, who is the Cop26 president, and the former CEO of We Mean Business, a climate change action organisation, Nigel Topping who was appointed the government’s high-level climate action champion last year. Sponsorship isContinue reading “Cop26 presidency run from within the UK Cabinet Office”