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Balance of Power in the 3rd week of August 2022 from Bloomberg

August 15 Chinese President Xi Jinping’s hopes for stability ahead of a historic Communist Party congress are quickly dwindling. His country’s economic slowdown deepened in July as strict Covid Zero measures and a slumping real-estate market threaten the chances of a recovery to a “reasonable” range. Key reading: China Announces Patrols to Protest US Senator’sContinue reading “Balance of Power in the 3rd week of August 2022 from Bloomberg”

The New York Times from July 04 – July 10

The headlights for the 1st week of July by the New York Times

Omicron could be blessing in disguise

The last few days fear has entered the parliamentarians’ meeting rooms, looking for stringent measures so that we could safely pass the end of year feasts.

Omicron possibly mildest coronavirus variant so far

The WHO and Coronavirus experts are increasingly convinced the new Omicron variant is ‘super mild’ and has, so far, not led to a jump in Covid death rates anywhere in Southern Africa.

How Johnson explains not announcing further Covid restrictions now

Here is the opening statement that Boris Johnson delivered at the start of his pooled TV interview after cabinet. It sums up his position, which is that he is not announcing further Covid restrictions now, but clearly warning that such measures may be coming shortly. He said: We’ve had a long discussion in cabinet forContinue reading “How Johnson explains not announcing further Covid restrictions now”

U.K. Omicron infections hitting 200 000 a day

After the Delta variant the world is plagued with another Covid-19 variant which spreads much faster.