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Composted Reads for 10 November 2022

Oil and gas industries have 636 representatives at Egypt conference – a rise of more than 25% on previous year

EU Commission proposing an emergency intervention in Europe’s energy markets to tackle dramatic price rises

The EU Commission is bringing further proposals to the table which Member States can swiftly adopt and implement, to ease the pressure on households and businesses.

Israel the Oil and Gas Opportunity

The partners in Israel’s Tamar natural gas field said on Tuesday they had signed a letter of intent with Spain’s Union Fenosa Gas to export up to 4.5 billion cubic meters of gas annually over 15 years to the company’s liquefied natural gas plants in Egypt. Bible Truth & Prophecy announces: Middle East Revollutionary Turmoil 2011 saw unparalleledContinue reading “Israel the Oil and Gas Opportunity”