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Mogelijke nieuwe partij tegen het rechts extremisme in België

Nieuwe peilingen laten duidelijk zien hoe in België het rechtse veld sterk vooruit gaat en centrumpartijen alsmaar meer de voorkeur van de kiezers lijken te verliezen.

Looking at 2021 in a nutshell

A brief overview of what is most noteworthy to remember about the 2021 events.

Full football stadiums allowed to reign supreme to make money

In this Corona crisis, it is very important now that people with common sense, recognise why the government allows soccer or football matches to continue. We also need support for all measures necessary to secure the safety of all citizens and to secure the victory of democracy over fascism.

Is Europe going to become a dictatorial bastion

That we are now living in the middle of a spiritual night we have noticed already. Though how many are seeing what certain political parties are trying to do? By certain people at the top darkness has probably come into or over their minds. It might sound unbelievable, but we should look at it seriouslyContinue reading “Is Europe going to become a dictatorial bastion”