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The Independent looking at the 4th week of August 2022

August 22 Liz Truss will cause inflation spiral with ‘dangerous’ tax cuts, Rishi Sunak warns Liz Truss will plunge the economy into an “inflation spiral” if she pushes ahead with her “dangerous” economic policy, Rishi Sunak’s campaign team has warned.   Ms Truss’s leadership rival said the frontrunner had to choose between cutting taxes andContinue reading “The Independent looking at the 4th week of August 2022”

Our selection of The Week’s 2nd week of August 2022

In the 2nd week of August Donald Trump managed to get a lot of eyes from the world looking at his ‘telenovella’ or American soap.

Let’s Think About Bullets: Bipartisan Legislation to Stop Gun Violence in America

Originally posted on Why America Can't Be Great Again:
After another horrifying shooting we are addressing the problem the same way we aways do. Grief. Outrage. Posturing. Then… nothing. Certainly nothing significant. One side pushes for more gun control. The other side pushes back because they want to protect the rights of gun owners.…