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True Story

Originally posted on Jewish Young Professional:
An iceberg breaks off of Antarctica like a star that the sky couldn’t keep for herself, too weighted with water and gas, leaving a hole sized like Greater London, but, good news, “Not climate change,” the scientists say. But there’s other reason for alarm. Digital art by Ted Chin. From…

A new Cold War is heating up the Arctic

The emergence of a trans-Arctic shipping route is key to that strategy and would create an alternative to its maritime route through the South China Sea, Strait of Malacca and Suez Canal.

Bloomberg reporting on ecological matters end of August 2022

Unprecedented heat waves are melting snow and ice across the planet including in the iconic Himalayan range, where the mountains shelter the largest reserve of frozen freshwater outside the North and South poles. As Archana Chaudhary and Aaron Clark write, the immediate impact has been on Pakistan, where floods have submerged farmland and cities, affectingContinue reading “Bloomberg reporting on ecological matters end of August 2022”