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The Week of 2022 September 26 – October 02

September 2022 coming to an end with severe storms.

This is Europe: The Guardian looking at the chaos in Italy and Ukraine

Italy has had 67 governments in almost as many years. Ukraine is a fault line in Italian politics: and a far-right coalition that includes Putin-fan Salvini could derail the EU’s consensus on the war, particularly in an energy squeeze. Observers think Meloni, although a hardliner, may not be as keen to cosy up to Putin (she admires the American right), but together they could align with Hungarian leader Viktor Orbán in opposing immigration, abortion and LGBT rights.

The Guardian 2022 July 25 – July 31

July 25 After the heatwave we’ve had this past week in the UK and beyond, it would be fair to assume that some of your plants are beyond repair. But all is not lost, thanks to this great advice from Jane Perrone on how to revive your crispy plants. So, get watering! Get yourself toContinue reading “The Guardian 2022 July 25 – July 31”

Humanitarian workers’ lives remain on hold in Greece as trial is adjourned

Every year, thousands of people fleeing war, persecution and poverty at home attempt the treacherous journey across the Mediterranean. Countless lives are lost on the way.
There is a danger that a precedent will be set in Greece whereby aid workers could be accused of committing a crime through the act of providing aid.

Het leven van humanitaire hulpverleners in Griekenland ligt stil na uitstel van rechtszaak

Elk jaar wagen duizenden mensen, op de vlucht voor oorlog, vervolging en armoede in eigen land, de verraderlijke reis over de Middellandse Zee. Talloze levens gaan onderweg verloren.
Er bestaat het gevaar dat er een precedent wordt geschapen in Griekenland waarbij hulpverleners beschuldigd kunnen worden van het begaan van een misdaad door de hulpverleningsdaad.