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A truce giving Yemenis hopes for peace

Yemeni government and Houthis failed to extend a six-month truce that saw a lull in fighting in the eight-year conflict. US Special Envoy for Yemen, Tim Lenderking, discussed, on Tuesday November 29, with the Under-Secretary of the Omani Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Diplomatic Affairs, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Ali Bin Isa Al-Harthi, efforts to reachContinue reading “A truce giving Yemenis hopes for peace”

A third of Pakistan left underwater

The Big Question Why is Pakistan flooding? Approximately one third of Pakistan is currently lying underwater after the South Asian country was hit by flooding the likes of which has not been seen for 30 years, according to prime minister Shehbaz Sharif.   “There is an ocean of floodwater everywhere,” Mr Sharif told the AFPContinue reading “A third of Pakistan left underwater”

Families in Afghanistan being forced to sell their children to pay off debts

Whereas while under Taliban rule in the 1990s, Afghanistan was the main safe haven and operational headquarters of international terrorist organisations, in particular al‑Qaeda, responsible for numerous barbaric terrorist attacks targeting civilians in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and America, and for the deadliest terrorist attack in human history on 11 September 2001 in the UnitedContinue reading “Families in Afghanistan being forced to sell their children to pay off debts”

The world Having to face a collective failure

These last few days we not only have seen how ISIS or the fighters for IS destroyed the treasures of culture and unashamed pitiless killed thousands of innocent people and animals. In many countries at the south half of this world several tribes bring suffering to each other and make it that millions of peopleContinue reading “The world Having to face a collective failure”