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Ukrainian-Russian war situation in the first half of February 2023

A look at the war developments in Ukraine the first half of February

Around Unkraine 2023 January 30 – February 5

The first week of February 2023 brought spying back into the topic of the week.

The Telegraph Frontpage for Monday 2023 January 09

By Danny Boyle The incendiary claims keep coming from the Duke of Sussex, who has given two TV interviews (above) about his controversial autobiography. We have rounded up the key moments. Harry says William and Kate never accepted Meghan They were once known as the “fab four”, but the Duke of Sussex has made freshContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for Monday 2023 January 09”

The New York Times from July 11 – July 17

July 11 Ukrainain soldiers salvaging parts from a Russian armoured vehicle. The British military recently estimated the number of dead Russians at 25,000.Daniel Berehulak for The New York Times Russia seeks recruits for its war in Ukraine Russian forces desperately need new soldiers. Already, the government is using what some analysts call a “stealth mobilization”Continue reading “The New York Times from July 11 – July 17”

The Independent from July 04 – July 10

The first week of July 2022 as seen by the Independent.

The Guardian’s view on Ukraine for the first half of April 2022

The United Nations calls for an investigation into violence against women and children in Ukraine – as it happened 03 April: Russia-Ukraine war: Russian retreat from Kyiv reveals atrocities against civilians, say Ukrainians Deputy defence minister says territory is ‘liberated from the invader’ as disturbing images in Bucha show bodies had been bound and hoodedContinue reading “The Guardian’s view on Ukraine for the first half of April 2022”

Does the population of Russia know what the Russian soldiers are doing in Ukraine

There is a lot of proof that Russian troops are guilty of war crimes. One wonders how these perpetrators can live with their terrible misdeeds, and how they will be able to justify themselves on the home front.

UK giving £100m more in lethal aid to Ukraine

The Times, April 9, 2022 Boris Johnson has accused President Putin of war crimes and announced that Britain will send a further £100 million of military aid, including anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, to Ukraine. The prime minister and Olaf Scholz, the German chancellor, used a Downing Street press conference to make the charge against theContinue reading “UK giving £100m more in lethal aid to Ukraine”

The one who claimed he was not planning an invasion in Ukraine

For months, the Russian President deceived the world by saying that he did not want to invade Ukraine. Today, however, on 24 February 2022, he has implemented his war plans.

Christadelphian brothers and sisters in Ukraine

Kharkov (Ukraine) RailRoad Station  (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Turmoil keeps going on in different parts of the Ukraine. Sister Elena in Kramatorsk has had to move away to Kiev with her mother and daughter to be away from the bombing. Bro Alex and Sis Olga in Donetsk had already left to be with their daughter inContinue reading “Christadelphian brothers and sisters in Ukraine”