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The Telegraph looking at the 5th week of June

The last week of June looked at by the Telegraph.

Bloomberg’s view on Ukraine at the beginning of June 2022

Since President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, he has caused immense death and destruction for few military gains and at huge economic cost. Yet he shows no sign of cracking even as Russia’s war aims have proved illusory. Putin appealed to Ukraine’s army to “immediately lay down arms and go home” on the first day ofContinue reading “Bloomberg’s view on Ukraine at the beginning of June 2022”

Russische soldaten hebben doelbewust burgers gefolterd, verkracht en gedood

Uit een nieuw rapport van Human Rights Watch (HRW) blijkt dat Russische soldaten doelbewust burgers, ook minderjarigen, uit schuilkelders halen om ze te doden of te verkrachten.

Ukraine and Estonia taking further steps to intensify bilateral cooperation

Ukraine and Estonia desire to bring bilateral relations to a qualitatively new level and agreed that those relations shall contribute to strengthening both parties.