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Teachers unions, White House host town hall to demand in-person learning as school year starts

There was a great deal more lamentation about the impact of school closures on students’ standardised test scores than on the long-term effects of COVID-19, grief, or prolonged anxiety about the disease itself.

Brits have less access to green space than ever – and it’s getting worse

The amount of green space near developments built since 2000 in England and Wales has declined 40%.
In the cities, people are finding ways to take back control of what few green spaces, often badly neglected, they can get their hands on.

Not created to be on our own

When God created the earth and placed human beings on this planet, His intentions were that they would multiply and live peacefully together. It was not in God’s Plan that we all would live as individuals in our own little cocoon or bubble, isolated from the rest of the world. 2020 was a year whereContinue reading “Not created to be on our own”

Not able to see Jesus working wonders

As with the rulers noted in Matthew 21, we might not be able to see Jesus working wonders if we are consumed with power and control, whereas the blind, lame, and little children can truly see him (Matthew 21:14-15). A big problem these days is that several Trinitarian Christians want others to believe this coronavirusContinue reading “Not able to see Jesus working wonders”

Not daring to show a connection

For several sorts of Christians Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week with Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem (Matthew 21:1-11). Palm Sunday is the day that they celebrate Jesus in his humble glory riding a donkey into the city of David, as the crowds and children cry out, “Hosanna to the Son of David!Continue reading “Not daring to show a connection”

Catholics facing a totally different Holy Week

For Pope Francis at the Vatican, and for Catholics worldwide from churches large and small, this will be an Easter like none other, like for real Christians this week shall be one of isolation whilst otherwise so busy with meeting and sharing the Good News. The joyous message of Christ’s resurrection will be delivered toContinue reading “Catholics facing a totally different Holy Week”