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European Eye on Radicalization: How An Opposition Victory Could Affect Turkey’s Relations with Non-State Actors in the Middle East

Originally posted on Levant's Agora:
By Paul Iddon. Turkey’s relations with state and non-state actors in the Middle East could significantly change if the opposition alliance challenging incumbent Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his ruling Islamist-derived Justice and Development Party (AKP) wins the May elections and takes power. Turkish State-to-State Relations In June…

The Telegraph looking at the world 2022 December 29

Good morning. A landmark review by William Shawcross, pictured above, into the Government’s flagship Prevent programme has found that taxpayers’ money has been handed to groups promoting Islamist extremism. Meanwhile, teachers’ unions fear that ballots for national strike action in 2023 have been put at risk by postal strikes.   Headlines: Today’s essential news ChinaContinue reading “The Telegraph looking at the world 2022 December 29”