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Are we going from purgatory to hell

People should come to know that we are in the fight of our lives facing climate change which is the defining issue of our age, the central challenge of our century in which the industrialised countries should pay for the damage done to the poor countries..

System change, not climate change

We need to change the way we measure economic growth and development – from GDP and profit to the improvement of the quality of people’s lives.

Why Nobody Wants to Listen to Climate News

Originally posted on Claude Forthomme's Blog about Social Issues and Books:
My latest article on Impakter, just published: Climate Reporting: Why People Won’t Listen Climate change and environmental issues still do not hit the news like the war in Ukraine or a billionaire’s trip to space but climate reporting is changing to meet the…

What effect does population have on climate change?

In the previous centuries, we had wars and diseases like pests, that took care to reduce the population of this planet. Today, many people are convinced that if the planet had fewer people, there would be reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Studies show that the global population will decline eventually, and populations in many rich nationsContinue reading “What effect does population have on climate change?”