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‘Carbon offsets’ claim to help the planet

26/01/2023 ‘Carbon offsets’ on flights, food and even TV claim to help the planet – what if they don’t? Patrick Greenfield Our investigation into rainforest offsets approved by Verra, the organisation that operates the world’s leading carbon standard, was driven by a simple question: are the carbon credits trustworthy? Protecting the world’s remaining tropical rainforestsContinue reading “‘Carbon offsets’ claim to help the planet”

Stories from The New York Times for the 4th week of August 2022

August 22 A photo provided by the Russian government said to show investigators at the site of a car bombing outside Moscow.Russian Investigative Committee/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images A brazen attack near Moscow rattles Russians Russia has opened a murder investigation into the car bombing that killed Daria Dugina, 29, a hawkish political commentator whoContinue reading “Stories from The New York Times for the 4th week of August 2022”