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Living in this world and viewing it

The Baby boomers saw how their parents became slave of their work and materials around them and started questioning their way of life, church and faith, wondering of this was a good way to continue to build up our society.

Anno 2022, In which way is neutrality tenable

Neutrality was for some nations a necessary condition for their independence, for their freedom from the rivalries among other nations. Previously, neutrality for countries like Finland and Switzerland had benefits to those countries — and to the world at large, but in which way is neutrality tenable?

The End of Journalism

+ Preceding Written-down thoughts Study Guide: Definition of Journalism Identifying Journalism Safeguarding freedom of expression Gossip and fake news, opposite fact checking and facts presenting News that’s fit to print Jacob Robinson A Post-Truth world heralded the end of journalism as we knew it. And — in the wise words of Buzzfeed — “That’s a good thing!” ViewContinue reading “The End of Journalism”

News that’s fit to print

Not all news or events are worthy to be publicised or to receive an article in the press. We continually have to investigate the value of stories that come to us and should depend for our newsgathering on independent writers and papers.

Europe in Transition?

Originally posted on Gregor MacMinto:
Click to enlarge image. One would think, looking at this ‘Political’ map from 1990, that the only big change taking place in Europe at this time was the unification of Germany. Note the use of a single colour for that country despite a line separating ‘EAST’ from ‘WEST’ – unification…

Wich way to go for Scotland

Great Britain chose to go out of the European Union and now they have lots of problems that would have not been there if they would not have left. Several MPs would not dare to say it’s the cause of Brexit, but a great part of the population does know it. Shortage of truck drivers,Continue reading “Wich way to go for Scotland”