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Joe Biden in Northern Ireland

Joe Biden visiting Northern Ireland said the Windsor Framework will lead to “significant investment” in Northern Ireland.

The Big Question: What are Joe Biden’s Irish roots?

What are Joe Biden’s Irish roots? Joe Biden arrived in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on Tuesday evening to mark the 25-year anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement. For an American president with deep Irish roots, it won’t be a typical trip to the ancestral homeland. Mr Biden is expected to meet representatives from five Northern Irish political partiesContinue reading “The Big Question: What are Joe Biden’s Irish roots?”

Biden marks Good Friday Agreement anniversary

President Biden was greeted by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Tuesday as he landed in Belfast for a four-day visit to Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The visit marks the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, which ended 30 years of violent sectarian conflict. Biden said before he arrived that his tripContinue reading “Biden marks Good Friday Agreement anniversary”

Rishi Sunak’s political heavy lifting starts to pay off

By Nick Gutteridge in San Diego POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT At first glance, the cramped gym of a US naval base may not have seemed like the most auspicious setting for Brexit history in the making. But it was the perfect place for Rishi Sunak to clinch the gains of all the political heavy lifting he performedContinue reading “Rishi Sunak’s political heavy lifting starts to pay off”

The Telegraph Frontpage for Friday 2022 December 23

By Danny Boyle People embarking on Christmas getaways face disruption as thousands of Border Force staff go on strike today – before another wave of industrial action on the railways tomorrow. Plus, we reveal a catalogue of errors that left a murderer free to kill. Violent offender was classed as ‘medium-risk’ It was one ofContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for Friday 2022 December 23”

The Telegraph Frontpage for Saturday 2022 November 26

Good evening. The Princess of Wales has spoken exclusively to the Telegraph about her mission to protect the next generation. Royal editor Hannah Furness explores why children under-five need our attention like never before. The Princess of Wales today warns that “not enough is being done” to nurture Britain’s youngest children, as she vows toContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for Saturday 2022 November 26”

The Guardian’s view on the world 2nd week of May 2022

2022 May 7-14 Guardian’s view