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After 2,000 UK Church Buildings Close, New Church Plants Get Creative

The decline in church attendance has become a fact in all capitalist countries.

Over gaan tot een juiste focus

De lockdown en corona-crisis heeft heel wat mensen kopzorgen bezorgd. Meermaals werden wij bestookt met een heel reeks vragen welke verrassend genoeg nog niet leken behandeld te zijn in een Nederlandstalige website van ons. Op de Engelstalige sites kwamen wel veel van die aspecten aan bod, maar in het Nederlands zijn wij in gebreke gebleven.Continue reading “Over gaan tot een juiste focus”

Looking at September 2016

Lots of people are enjoying their holidays. It is Summertime and most of us do not want to think yet of the new academic year. For our planning we have already a look at what September might bring for us. After the time of relaxation is time again to take things serious and to lookContinue reading “Looking at September 2016”

Disciple of Christ counting lives and friends dear to them

We can have a look at Paul’s letter to the Romans and see how the Bible should be the source of our inspiration and working on it so that as many as possible can come under the spirit of God His Son.

Risen With Him

RISEN WITH HIM “If you then are risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sits on the right hand of God.” – Col. 3:1       Soon the whole Western world will celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead. Such a celebration will call for inspiring music, altarsContinue reading “Risen With Him”