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The Telegraph Frontpage for Monday 2023 January 09

By Danny Boyle The incendiary claims keep coming from the Duke of Sussex, who has given two TV interviews (above) about his controversial autobiography. We have rounded up the key moments. Harry says William and Kate never accepted Meghan They were once known as the “fab four”, but the Duke of Sussex has made freshContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for Monday 2023 January 09”

The Telegraph Frontpage for Wednesday 2022 December 21

By Danny Boyle Thousands of ambulance staff have today gone on strike for the first time in three decades, with warnings that patient safety cannot be guaranteed. We have a guide to what to expect in each area. Home births scrapped amid strike transport fears As paramedics and crews go on strike today, the HealthContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for Wednesday 2022 December 21”

‘What Is a Woman?’ and ‘Eve in Exile’

According to The Gospel Coalition Blog For most humans in history — and to the majority alive today, especially outside the West — the notion of “man” and “woman” as beautifully different yet complementary identities, rooted in biology, has been uncontroversial. Yet today, pushing for any definition of womanhood or manhood is so triggering thatContinue reading “‘What Is a Woman?’ and ‘Eve in Exile’”

Fight against nationalism main struggle for feminists today

For Feminist activist Sasha Shevchenko, \”the main struggle for feminists today\”, apart of “the fight against patriarchy, the Church, the sex industry and any kind of totalitarianism”, is \”the fight against nationalism\” and “Nazi ideas” that are “growing like mushrooms after the rain”.  VoxEurop During a debate at the European parliament in Brussels, Shevchenko andContinue reading “Fight against nationalism main struggle for feminists today”