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The Week from June the 22nd to 26th

The Week is a weekly news magazine with editions in the United Kingdom and United States. The Week’s award-winning team gathers news and opinion from multiple trusted sources, to provide readers with global news coverage from every angle. By threading together all sides of the story, The Week helps you to keep an open mindContinue reading “The Week from June the 22nd to 26th”

The New-York Times looking at June 16 – June 26

Ten days in the spotlight: Afghanistan, Ukraine, Russia, Colombia, Israel, France, Great Britain, a.o. countries.

The Week from Thursday 16 June – Wednesday 22 June

From sex assaults to LGBTQ people, abortions, school shootings and war in the East of Europe.

Bloomberg’s headlights for the third week of June 2022

June 20 Electoral setback | French President Emmanuel Macron’s reform agenda is in peril after his alliance failed to secure a majority in parliamentary elections, with strong showings by both the left and far right. As Ania Nussbaum and Samy Adghirni write, he’ll have a hard time passing legislation including plans to increase the retirementContinue reading “Bloomberg’s headlights for the third week of June 2022”

Bloomberg’s headlights for the second week of June 2022

Communication kept open and Ukraine taking a major step toward joining the European Union whilst a debate about gender inequality takes place in China.

Bloomberg’s headlights for weekend of 2022 June 11

From the European Union’s executive arm deciding about Ukraine’s membership of the EU looking at the day the American democracy was undermined and giving the world how the United States is divided.

NYT selection of articles for the first part of June

From now onwards we are pleased to offer you also some selection of articles from an American newspaper with standing, worthy of your attention.

Georgia to Apply for EU Membership Immediately

Because the EU had offered Kyiv to review granting Ukraine a candidate status in an expedited manner, this gives reason for Georgia also to request a review of Georgia in an emergency manner and to make the decision to grant Georgia the status of an EU membership candidate.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urging the European Union to grant his country “immediate” membership

Putin was so afraid that Ukraine would join the European Union and the Nato pact, which was not going to happen so soon, but now he precipitated it by his invasion.