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The New-York Times looking at June 16 – June 26

Ten days in the spotlight: Afghanistan, Ukraine, Russia, Colombia, Israel, France, Great Britain, a.o. countries.

Bloomberg’s view on the world for the fourth week of June 2022

June 27 G-7 Latest: Oil-Price Cap in Focus as Zelenskiy Addresses Summit Dazzling Mountain Views Can’t Hide Darker Mood Among G-7 Leaders US Resuscitates Bid at G-7 to Counter China’s Belt and Road Ban on New Gold Imports From Russia Seen as ‘Largely Symbolic’ Follow our latest coverage of the G-7 summit here. Russia defaultsContinue reading “Bloomberg’s view on the world for the fourth week of June 2022”

How secret courts are helping fuel the climate crisis

The closed-door tribunals are the biggest threat to the Paris climate agreement.

Good and bad news for the 4th week of April

The good news Sea-farmed supercrop: how seaweed could transform the way we live Experts believe that seaweed could be a key crop in the “protein shift” away from meat. Some of last spring’s harvest here hit about 30% protein, close to the level that would make it compete against the world’s other big protein sourcesContinue reading “Good and bad news for the 4th week of April”

2022 March 21-31 according to the Week

Looking at what happened in 2022 March 21-31 in review by The Week

One of the persons of 2021

Our planet is in danger and therefore we need some strong voices to come up for her. Indigenous activist and member of the Waorani nation from the Amazonian Region of Ecuador, Nemonte Nenquimo is one of such figures who got attention in 2021.