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The Telegraph looking at the third week of August 2022

August 15 By Danny Boyle  The heatwave is set to be broken by thunderstorms, but they are unlikely to help shrinking water supplies. And, as A-level students await their results, we explain why they might be disappointed. Prepare to be disappointed with A-levels, pupils told A-level students are receiving their results this week – andContinue reading “The Telegraph looking at the third week of August 2022”

The New-York Times looking at June 16 – June 26

Ten days in the spotlight: Afghanistan, Ukraine, Russia, Colombia, Israel, France, Great Britain, a.o. countries.

Stories the Week brought to you from 2022 May 19 – May 25

In the week of May 19, the Week looked a lot at children.

The Guardian’s view on the world 5th week of May 2022

The Guardian looking at the week of the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

President of Ukraine met with the Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense of the United States of America

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy yesterday met with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin who arrived in Ukraine on a visit. To be on the safe side, no indication was given in advance as to when the meeting would take place. Only when the gentlemen were back inContinue reading “President of Ukraine met with the Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense of the United States of America”

Does the population of Russia know what the Russian soldiers are doing in Ukraine

There is a lot of proof that Russian troops are guilty of war crimes. One wonders how these perpetrators can live with their terrible misdeeds, and how they will be able to justify themselves on the home front.

Russia-Ukraine war: the vulnerabilities of strategic thinking in Europe

Originally posted on International Relations Today:
Marion is a second-year International Relations student at King’s College London. With strong interests in diplomacy, strategy, and european politics broadly, she is currently the European editor of International Relations today. Strategic thinking is “the first, the supreme, the most far-reaching act of judgment that the statesman and commander…

Can turning down our radiators turn up the heat on Putin?

Fiona Harvey looking at our use of gas.

Trade surpluses vs Most sweeping set of sanctions ever aimed at a country since World War 2

European heads of government have imposed sanctions against Russia, which we know will also have an impact on the entire European population.

Lisa Rozner reports how Russian troops have begun moving into Ukraine

Russian troops have begun moving into Ukraine, so-called to protect Donbass.