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The telegraph Frontpage for Tuesday 2022 November 22

These days, one cannot help but hear many reports about Qatar, human rights and football (or soccer) games.

Danny Boyle looking at The Telegraph’s front page for 2022/10/17

By Danny Boyle Good morning. New Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is today expected to set out billions of pounds of savings to stabilise the public finances. News of his emergency statement saw the pound climb higher in early trading. New Chancellor to make emergency statement After a weekend of talks, Jeremy Hunt is today fast trackingContinue reading “Danny Boyle looking at The Telegraph’s front page for 2022/10/17”

System change, not climate change

We need to change the way we measure economic growth and development – from GDP and profit to the improvement of the quality of people’s lives.

The EU Treaties

Originally posted on 21centurymanifesto:
  HOW THE EU IS STRUCTURED TO SUPPORT BIG BUSINESS To understand the EU’s neo-liberal character and why it enforces austerity so rigorously, we have to go back to the Single European Act of 1986. This set the legal framework for the EU as it exists today.? The drafters of this…