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The Telegraph looking at the world the first week of August

August 01 Queen hails ‘inspiration’ as Lionesses make history The Queen hailed England’s women footballers as “an inspiration for future generations” after they thrilled the country with an epic victory in the final of Euro 2022. The Lionesses’ 2-1 win over Germany, after a near-perfect run to the final, was watched at Wembley Stadium andContinue reading “The Telegraph looking at the world the first week of August”

2022 end of July Bloomberg selection

July 25 The contest to succeed Boris Johnson moves up a gear today with the first head-to-head debate between the two candidates vying to become Conservative Party leader and UK prime minister. It’s unlikely to be pretty. Key reading: Truss Promises Low-Tax UK Investment Zones in Pitch to Tory Base The Pound’s Woes Run Deep,Continue reading “2022 end of July Bloomberg selection”

Climate Warrior Mitzi Jonelle Tan: Extreme weather events

 July 20, 2022 Hey everyone. Welcome back to the Climate Warrior newsletter.   In the past month, we’ve seen a lot of climate disasters. Part of the Alps has crumbled, Bangladesh has faced the “worst floods in memory,” and now record-breaking heatwaves with temperatures climbing over 40 degrees Celsius in North Africa, Southwest Asia (orContinue reading “Climate Warrior Mitzi Jonelle Tan: Extreme weather events”