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Joe Biden in Northern Ireland

Joe Biden visiting Northern Ireland said the Windsor Framework will lead to “significant investment” in Northern Ireland.

The Big Question: What are Joe Biden’s Irish roots?

What are Joe Biden’s Irish roots? Joe Biden arrived in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on Tuesday evening to mark the 25-year anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement. For an American president with deep Irish roots, it won’t be a typical trip to the ancestral homeland. Mr Biden is expected to meet representatives from five Northern Irish political partiesContinue reading “The Big Question: What are Joe Biden’s Irish roots?”

Rishi Sunak’s protocol deal is just the start

The Prime Minister has only unlocked new levels of the Brexit game Credit: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images Rishi Sunak’s protocol deal is just the start By Nick Gutteridge POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT A jubilant Rishi Sunak was praised by one of his own MPs on Wednesday for “solving the Rubik’s Cube” of the Northern Ireland stand-off. It mustContinue reading “Rishi Sunak’s protocol deal is just the start”

Brexiteers left in the dark, kept out of the loop by Tory Eurosceptics and the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)

Yesterday the Telegraph Home Affairs Editor Charles Hymas wrote that frustrations are being fuelled by the fact that Brexiteers feel they have been left in the dark during the talks. One Eurosceptic MP said Downing Street had kept them and colleagues out of the loop because it wanted to “set everything up” and present theContinue reading “Brexiteers left in the dark, kept out of the loop by Tory Eurosceptics and the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)”

Sunak can be No 10’s Buzz Lightyear

Afternoon, I spent some of half term last week at Disneyland Paris, wandering between the various attractions such as Pirates of the Caribbean, the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups and Alice’s Curious Labyrinth. Why did it all remind me of the Brexit talks? The decision by Rishi Sunak to “pause” progress on his Northern Ireland ProtocolContinue reading “Sunak can be No 10’s Buzz Lightyear”

The Telegraph Frontpage 2023 February 20

By Sam Hall Police searching for Nicola Bulley have recovered a body less than a mile away from where she disappeared, as officers face growing questions over their investigation. In this newsletter, we also have reaction to the Baftas, after a big night for All Quiet on the Western Front. Body found in search forContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage 2023 February 20”

The weekend of 2023 February 18-19

British embassy spy David Smith jailed for 13 years David Smith meets with an MI5 officer posing as a member of Russia’s military intelligence Credit: METROPOLITAN POLICE The British Embassy spy David Smith, who passed information to Russia for money, has been jailed for 13 years and two months. The 58-year-old former security guard beganContinue reading “The weekend of 2023 February 18-19”

The Telegraph Frontpage Friday 2023 February 17

By Matthew Robinson Good morning. The Prime Minister is in Northern Ireland to try to end the deadlock over border trade after securing changes to the Brexit deal from Brussels. And Nicola Sturgeon’s independence strategy is in disarray as the special party conference she hoped would endorse her “de facto referendum” plan has been scrapped.Continue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage Friday 2023 February 17”

The Telegraph Chopper’s politics for Tuesday 2023 January 10

Good evening, As a veteran of the Brexit Wars 2017-2020, I have learned to be highly sceptical of claims of a breakthrough in the talks about a settlement over the Northern Ireland Protocol. That was how I felt when the United Kingdom and European Union hailed a big advance in Brexit talks over the NorthernContinue reading “The Telegraph Chopper’s politics for Tuesday 2023 January 10”

A recovery from a “near death experience” and a historic shift

The shadow health secretary, Wes Streeting, has said Labour’s performance on Thursday marked a recovery from a “near death experience”.