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The first week of August 2022 as seen by the Week

August 01 1st ship containing Ukrainian grain leaves port under deal The first ship carrying Ukrainian grain left the Odesa port on Monday under a deal seeking to get a backlog of crops out of the country to ease a growing global hunger crisis. The ship was headed to Lebanon with more than 26,000 tonsContinue reading “The first week of August 2022 as seen by the Week”

Stories to read in the week of 2022 May 12 – 18

In a world of polar opinions and partisan press, The Week threads together every side of the argument to give you a clear, 360° view of the news, so you get to know what the world’s thinking without ever feeling trapped in a media bubble.

Wrong ideas about religious terrorism

Al-Fatiha Muslim Gays – Gay Parade 2008 in San Francisco (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Lots of people do have a wrong idea about the amount of religious terrorism. Most badly affected is the Muslim community which has to cope with the bad name those fools of ISIS do give them. Belgium and the United Kingdom haveContinue reading “Wrong ideas about religious terrorism”