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The supreme court has left the US with no plan for the climate crisis

The US supreme court has restricted the ability of the world’s largest historical carbon polluter to address the climate crisis.

NYT selection of articles for the first part of June

From now onwards we are pleased to offer you also some selection of articles from an American newspaper with standing, worthy of your attention.

The Media and Democracy

Originally posted on Aisha's Blog:
In today’s day and age, we live in a polarized nation that judges other based on their political viewpoints and creates a sense of division and isolation. We have come so far technologically, especially when we compare the production of news coverage from a decade ago to now, today…

Trump is proven wrong by the judge

Donald Trump has always wanted the world to believe that he has the law and the right in his own hands. But this time, he will have to back down. Before and during his presidency, Trump regularly lied to the whole world and misled many people. Shamelessly, he thought he could get away with allContinue reading “Trump is proven wrong by the judge”