A narrative or essay that takes you someplace you might not expect to go

From now onwards, we hope to present you regularly with some pieces of exceptional writing from The New York Times — a narrative or essay that takes you some place you might not expect to go.

Same sex relationships and Open attitude mirroring Jesus

In Hiding or opening attitude for same sex relationships we pointed out that it perhaps would be better that people questioned themselves which attitude Jesus would take, before they judge somebody. Director of Oasis Trust, Steve Chalke believes about our attitude to people who have another feeling for giving their love to somebody are changing,Continue reading “Same sex relationships and Open attitude mirroring Jesus”

Hulpbieding voor alleenstaande christadelphians

ChristadelphianSingles.org, een inleidings Dienst voor ongehuwde Christadelphian broeders (broeders en zusters in Christus), die op zoek zijn naar Helpmates \”in de Heer.\” Ging \”live\” eerder dit jaar en heeft de bedoeling om ongehuwde Christadelphians wereldwijd te bedienen. Het zou een bron moeten zijn voor alleenstaande broeders en zusters ouder dan 24 jaar die wellicht geïnteresseerdContinue reading “Hulpbieding voor alleenstaande christadelphians”

Christadelphian Introduction Service for unmarried Christadelphian brethren

ChristadelphianSingles.org, an Introduction Service for unmarried Christadelphian brethren (brothers and sisters in Christ) who are seeking helpmates \”in the Lord.\” , went \”live\” earlier this year and ministers to unmarried Christadelphians worldwide. It is a resource for single brothers and sisters over the age of 24 who may be interested in meeting other Christadelphians. InContinue reading “Christadelphian Introduction Service for unmarried Christadelphian brethren”

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