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The Telegraph for Monday 21 November 2022

By Danny Boyle England begin their bid for World Cup 2022 glory today – and face potential Fifa punishments for their on-pitch activism. We have the latest from Doha ahead of the team’s first game against Iran. Kane faces instant yellow card for One Love armband As England prepare for their first Qatar World CupContinue reading “The Telegraph for Monday 21 November 2022”

The Telegraph for the weekend of 2022 November 19-20

A look at what got the news, and interest of the Telegraph’s readers, this past weekend.

A violent assault after violent assault on the American communities to be stopped

Before a dangerous man succeeds in returning as a candidate for the American presidency, people should stand up and raise their voices to avoid such atrocity. and bring a halt to the extreme right its launching violent assault after violent assault on the American communities.